Bill Turnbull

Bill has been in the food industry for over seven years. After finishing military training, he began working in a deli/bakery at a local grocery store, and worked his way up being a closing manager. When the position became available, he thought he’d try his hand at running the meat department, under the watchful eye of an expert butcher. He immediately loved the art of meat-cutting, and had a dream of one day building his own shop.

Bill is one of those charismatic guys who can make you feel like you’ve known him forever after just meeting for the first time. He possesses an excitement and exuberance for his job and his life that is downright contagious. Bill loves what he does, and it shows. He’s the first one in the door in the morning, and the last one to leave at night.

Bill can often be seen through the window to his butcher room holding up meat to his customers to ensure the right cuts and sizes for their custom orders. If you happen to look through his window at just the right moment you might be able to catch him making a goofy face, or singing “opera” at the top of his lungs.